Since moving to Berkeley Farm 3 years ago, our farmers have been working hard clear pest species such as Lantana, Chinese Elm, Castor oil and many more from not just our land but also the the 1km of Creek the makes up the front border of our property. 

Family Tree Project

The Family Tree project was started when Farmer Peter put in 21 Hoop pines for Farmer Melody's birthday and 63 Jacarandas for Farmer Susan. 

The Family Tree Project allows families of any size to plant a tree that is theirs. This not only gives meaning to their visit on Berkeley Farm but we hope encourages families to come back every year for a commemorative photo next to their growing tree. For Children is can help show the importance of looking after our environment.

Farmer Peter is always on hand to talk about why that species is special and what it does in the ecosystem. Contact us to find out more.   

Sandy Creek clean up and REVEGETATION project

After moving to Berkeley Farm at the end of 2015, all of our farmers have been passionate about stopping the spread of several very noxious weeds species of tree , vine and grass. To do this we embarked on an journey to revegetate the 1km of Sandy Creek that bordered our property. To do this required the clearing and burning of Lantana as well as the removal of Chinese Elm and other weed trees in the bank, as weeds were removed native trees were put back to help the stability of the creek bank as well as to improve the micro climate of the nature wildlife corridor that Sandy Creek naturally provides. 

We hope not only to clean up and improve of small section of Sandy Creek but to help and empower and teach other farmers and land holders that border the creek line to do the same.       

farm land REVEGETATION project

Berkeley Farm consists of 95acres of prime agricultural land. In previous years before us some of it has been used for cropping, some to run livestock and some left to it own devices.