We host children’s parties at our gorgeous child-friendly farm. Our farm parties are a fully immersive experience where children learn about farm activities, pat and play with young animals and play farm games.

what's included?

You are invited to Berkeley Farm to celebrate your child’s birthday with as many of their friends as you would like. When you make your booking be sure to let us know an estimate of how many you are expecting and we are more than prepared to cater for any number.

The party venue is the farm and we have several locations across our property where we set up spaces for games, food and fun.

There is a massive Jacaranda tree for parents to relax under, where you can observe the party activities while enjoying a cup of tea and some refreshments.

Some time out for you to enjoy watching the children engaging with all our cute and cuddly baby animals. There are piglets, ducklings, chicks, baby goats, lambs and calves*, but the stars’ of the show are the two llamas Higgins and Homer, and our Alpaca, Monte.

Farmer Rachael will introduce the children to all the farm animals and tell them all she knows about what makes each animal special and what part they play on the farm. We must be honest – some are here just because they’re cute.

Parents are welcome to share in this experience and everybody is encouraged to ask questions – Farmer Rachael knows lots about all the farm animals. Farmer Rachael can have piglets, lambs, goat kids or calves to be bottle fed milk from our very own jersey cow and helpers are always welcome!

* Baby animals are subject to time of year and what we have available. If you are after a certain experience be sure to ask and we will see what we can do.

The children will enjoy three hours of farm party fun, food, and games and playing with the farm animals. We will arrange party games like, hay slides, Hobby Horse roundup, sack races and mini pig races. The chicks and ducklings are always in for lots of play too. The games we organise will cater to your child’s age group and needs.

A birthday menu is worked out before hand and included in the pricing. It can include Sausage Sizzle, Hot Dogs or Sandwiches. There will always be seasonal fruit presented to appeal to children as a “vegie patch” (carrots & dip) and “orchard” (seasonal fruit).

Unless instructed not to – the party will include party food: rainbow sheep (fairy bread), farm themed lollie treats, hay bales (rice bubble crackles made into mini hay bales), chicken scratch cups (a variety of healthy chips).

We think a great way for the guests to take their piece of cake home with them at the end of the farm birthday party after raucously singing Happy Birthday. Parents’ refreshments: tea & coffee with a biscuit included in the party pricing. More substantial parent refreshment can be organised, such as fruit & cheese platters or in the cooler months farm fresh soup of the day or quiche of the day. We recommend this for parents, it helps to fortify you.

How do I book?

Contact Farmer Susan on 0421374740 or fill in the contact form and we'll be in touch or hit the book now button!




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