Berkeley Farm at Forest Hill is our family’s dream. We are passionate greenies and animal lovers who have dedicated our lives to living sustainably and being consciously aware of the environment we’re in. 

We are a family of five from Brisbane, who spent the past 30 years raising children and developing urban property. But our hearts have always been in outback Australia and in 2015 we relocated to Forest Hill to bring Berkeley Farm to life.


Berkeley Farm and its Farmers are pioneering Conscious Farming: farming and living in a way that respects the environment you’re in for long-term environment sustainability and health.

Berkeley Farm on Harm Road, Forest Hill Queensland is 100 acres of premium agricultural land where every inch of it is usable. Our farm has an appealing farmhouse, detached studio and a 100+ year old barn that defines the farm’s charm. A 120 year old Jacaranda Tree and Hoop Pine add grandeur and ambiance when you arrive at the farm. Farmer Peter has taken the Jacaranda’s signature and planted over 60 Jacaranda trees to make Harm Road an avenue of beauty and shade for the future, with the same foresight as the farmer that planted our Jacaranda out the front 120 years ago.

It is our vision to bring the cuteness and adventure of farm life to the outside community. We want to inspire and excite young people to live consciously and love our flora and fauna the way we do. We want to bring the joy and happiness of our farm to your lives.
— Farmer Peter, Berkeley Farm